Saturday, 25 April 2015

Maybelline mini haul :)

Hey guys! 

So recently I was in Boots and decided to take advantage of the great offers in there :) Particularly the 2 for 3 offer in Maybelline :)

I picked up the new Lash sensational Mascara, Flawless Nude dream foundation in Ivory and Instant Age Rewind concealer in Light.

I was really impatient to try these out as I have heard so many different reviews, especially on the foundation. 
The first thing I tried (literally leaving town, in the car :P) was the Lash Sensational Mascara and I love it! It created such a beautiful, natural curl to my lashes and made them appear instantly longer. I was asked was I wearing false lashes at one stage! I would highly recommend this :) 

Secondly I tried the Foundation and unfortunately I wasn't massively impressed. It comes with a small stick applicator in a beautiful shaped bottle. The colour is a bit too dark for me, and it has very poor coverage. I had to mix with another foundation (Revlon Colorstay) just to get a nice coverage. For someone who has a lot of freckles, especially around this time of year, it felt like it was barely there even when I applied loads! It was also very drying :/ However I am going to try it with some different primers and moisturisers to see if I can change my opinion :) 

Last but not least the age rewind concealer :) I actually really like this. It is very light but manages to cover any dark circles, veins or redness. It is very subtle but good. I also love the applicator, a really soft sponge that glides and blends on the skin.

Overall, not my most favourite foundation, but good concealer and mascara :) Maybelline get 2/3 for me this time around!!

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Must have Brush Set!

Hey guys!! 

Sorry it has been an age and a half <3 :(

However I am going to be doing a lot more blogs soon on recent favourites and just general items I keep going back for :)

So, this time round, I am going to be discussing my all time favourite brush set.

No it's not real techniques, crown or any other. But a simple twelve piece set from a pharmacy found in the West and North west of Ireland called Cara pharmacies. Now I have wanted this brush set since it came out and for some reason never picked it up! Until one day, there was a massive sale in the shop and it was down in price so I had no choice! My arms literally grabbed it before my brain had a chance to think!

They come in a beautiful pink or black storage case, which is placed inside another beautiful black box, with the details of all inside. 

I tried it out the moment I went home and fell in love! My personal favourites being the C02 Stippler Brush and CO8 Large Powder Brush! I just feel that my Makeup looks smoother and less flaky!

It comes with 12 beautiful pink/black handled brushes, ranging from a flat foundation brush to a Pointed Kabuki Eyeshadow and Blender Brush :) They cost just 29.50 which means it is about 2-3€ per brush! Nothing :) 

Highly Highly recommend ordering online or buying in the pharmacy if you are in any of the areas :) I bought mine in Galway :)
If you want to buy it online or even have a look you can get it here:
Cara Pharmacy Professional Brush set

Happy Brushing <3 <3 <3!!! :D

Until Next time :)