Monday, 22 December 2014

Mental Health Awareness: What is Depression to me?

I realize when reading the varying topics of my blogs people will think I have a split personality disorder or something (god forbid) because I literally go from one thing to the other :) and two topics in one day can be so different. I do apologize for this, however, whenever I feel the need to type I just have to put hands to keyboard and off I go :)

Tonight I was reading a few articles about depression and Mental Health, Anxiety etc and I got to thinking what does it all mean to me? What is my explanation for it? To be honest I have yet to completely understand it. All I know is that it is something that unfortunately rears it's ugly head every now and then and it's like that horrible mouth ulcer on the side of your tongue that comes so unexpectedly. No matter how much Bonjela you put on it, or Listerine, or salt and water mouth rinse. It's still there.

Depression is like this, it comes at random, it hurts, no matter how many songs you listen to, chocolate you eat or chick flicks you watch. It just hangs over you and pulls you down deeper and deeper. You could be finished an exam and got the highest mark in the class or even the lowest and still feel this numbness. You could be told you look a million dollars in that new top or skirt, makes no difference to you. I used to think it was just PMS, or being a teenager, but I've been out of my teenage years for two odd years now and it's still there. I was told by one doctor it was just circumstantial, because of the way the country was with recession and this, that and the other. But deep down I knew, no it's not that. I knew there was something there that got me down and I couldn't control it. No matter how great a job I ever got or will get, or how great a life I lead (which I am thankful for) or what great friends, family and new Fiance I have, this 'thing' will always come back to keep me down at times.

Personally, I find that it comes so unexpectedly. One time it got so bad I just took to writing in a diary I had when I was 15 and I just balled my eyes out lol. I felt better afterwards but to this day I don't even know what it was that caused it? I literally have no idea. Does it affect my life? Yes, it does. I find it hard at times to even be in people's company. Strange and all as that sounds, what I mean is, that I will find myself comparing myself to them and how they have a better this, that or the other and it really gets me down. I will then come back to myself eventually and hate myself for even thinking like that in the first place! I even used to compare myself to other people that suffered from depression and felt that if they were suffering so badly, surely mine wasn't as bad and there has to be something else wrong with me. But no, depression and anxiety is exactly what I suffer from and it comes to people in different forms and strengths. Luckily I was able to acknowledge the fact and seek help before it got to a worse stage. I visited Jigsaw in Galway for a couple of sessions to build myself back up and it was one of the best things I have ever done.

Fortunately the stigma surrounding Mental Health in Ireland is lifting, it is too late for some but hopefully it can help others. Like Bressie speaking out and many other celebrities, I too feel that if we share our stories and listen to others, we can help to spread the fact that it is not making you a freak or a coward. Quite the opposite in fact. It is one of the bravest things you can ever do, walking in to a doctors office or Help centre and asking for help.

Just remember, you're not alone!

Bit of an odd blog, but I hope you will share your stories and feel free to ask me for any help or guidance that is in my power to give.

Thank you for reading,

Yankee Candle review :)

I was in Galway yesterday, on my way home from Dublin and I said I would have a look around town for myself, to see could I get some last minute bits for Christmas. Of course it was absolutely wedged, being the last Sunday before Christmas and the second last day of the markets. I only stayed a short while, skimming through my usual shops (I was practically bustled out of Penney's!) and I decided to visit the small candle gift shop located on the ground floor of the Eyre Square Shopping Center.

I noticed the shelves had been cleared of half the stock, obviously a lot of people will be getting candles for Christmas this year! I searched for my reliable Winter smell, the baking scents, as I call them. I had asked my Fiance to get me 'Snowflake Cookie' for Christmas as it was one that I felt I needed to get and could imagine myself typing away with it burning on the cold Winter evenings. With this in mind I put it down and looked at what else it had to offer. I picked up two samplers straight away, vanilla cupcake and Christmas Cookie. Now as you all know from my previous ravings about the Cinnamon smelling candle 'home sweet home', I just adore baking smells! They are perfect for calming me down and relaxing me. I bought two for 5€ and went home smiling to myself thinking about the lovely smell I was going to have in the house over Christmas.

As soon as I got home I took them out to show the family, who loved them. My hands afterwards smelt like vanilla icing and literally everywhere the candles have been in the house now have a scent of vanilla and cookies! I left them in my room (not burning of course) and whenever I pass it I can get such a strong smell. It is literally like an air freshener, or the Midas hand of candles!

I can guarantee my house will be smelling like a bakery for the next couple of weeks anyway! :P So if you're like myself, love sweet baking smells, I definitely suggest these!

Happy smelling! ;)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why I said yes... a lot of you may already know, I was recently in Berlin and I had the best long weekend of my life to date <3

I went with Stephen just to see the markets, etc, as they are supposed to be amazing there. We went for our second anniversary, which was the 15th and although we didn't do much touring around, we managed to walk at least 10k steps everyday! The hotel had a built in aquarium and was central to absolutely everything!

So anyway, getting to the point, I'm sure you're all wondering what I mean by the heading (most of you have seen on Facebook or twitter)

Well, on Monday the 15th (our anniversary) we had planned to walk around, see shopping centers and the other markets, as well as the aquarium after 3 o'clock. The hotel had sent up a beautiful tray after we came back from the shops. On it were roses, strawberries, chocolates and an assortment of dipping sauces. Of course I took to Facebook and instagram straight away! To which he told me not to, which I was surprised about, as we usually share everything :p We hit for the aquarium, it was beautiful! Such a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do I have to say! Then had some dinner and went to the markets.

Now I noticed (although he thinks I'm making it up) that he started to get very nervous and antsy with me, like the dinner we just had was going to repeat on him :P He kept stopping and starting while we were walking through and finally he stopped on our way to a fancy lounge bar and in a wide street, staring at Dunk'n Donuts he caught my arm and proposed. To be able to say exactly what he said or how he phrased it I wouldn't be able to do it! I was in such a state of shock and started crying/laughing at the same time. Every woman imagines how a man is going to propose to her and what her reaction will be...well mine was hyperventilating, crying/laughing and I know I kept saying "I can't even...I can't even" but eventually I stuttered out yes :P I eventually managed to call a few friends and family members. I think I nearly caused one poor friend to have a crash! We went in to a very posh bar underneath the TV tower to celebrate, me shaking and mascara streaming down my face. A few wines, cocktails and beer later we practically skipped through the markets back to the hotel. I felt like I was on clouds (and that wasn't just the alcoholic beverages)

Back in the room, a bottle of champagne awaited us in a bucket of ice, two glasses and a glass plate saying 'Congratulations' and a few tasty chocolates on top :) It was like something I only ever read about in a novel! Something he had all planned and hidden from me the sly fox!

So two days later, still in the air and smiling to myself, absentmindedly twisting the ring now and then. I thought I would write this, about why I said yes...(after the stammering)

I know people might be thinking it's just the novelty and getting to wear a pretty dress, being the center of attention for a while. Well you would all be wrong :) 

I said yes to him, because of the! I joke :P

I said yes, because he is the one man that I could ever be myself around, without trying too hard, or needing to wear makeup to impress him. I could be looking like a drag queen after a hard night and he's still there. Through absolutely everything, fights with siblings, money and college worries, ex's hassling he's been there. He just wants crazy old me, for me. Someone I literally never thought I would find, because let's face it, I am psycho :P

All of this including the fact I am crazily in love with him and he just has to be in my life :) Sin è! 

So I hope ye haven't all puked from reading this and I hope ye will join us for drinks in Galway the 26th for a partayyy :) 

I just wanted to share the happiness, after all it is great to get some good news in these tough times :) Thank you to everyone for the well wishes, even the likes off people I hadn't expected...Thank you for that :) 
The Ring :) 


Thank you , as ever, for reading :) 

Yours sincerely
Sandra Shannon (MrsDoyle to be)...(all of the 'go on' jokes have been said :p)

Friday, 12 December 2014

How to get the perfect eyebrows :)

Hey again :) 

So I'm going to write about something simple this time, how can you get the perfect eyebrows?
I know I'm no eyebrow angel and to be honest, the only reason I ever plucked them in the first place was because my oldest sister used to threaten catching me in a headlock as I came into my adolescent years and pluck out random hairs with her fingers! But recently I've been getting a lot of compliments about them so, I will tell you how I get my brows the way I like them :) 

I know that around sometime last year the HD brow came back into fashion, and while it has slightly relaxed more so since, I would still stick with the fuller brow compared to a thin one. I used to over pluck mine and the arch began too soon. It completely threw off my overall makeup look and made my face appear that bit rounder...nobody wants that...

So I will insert a chart of eyebrow shapes to match your overall face shape, and show you some tips to pluck them to the shape that suits :) 

So, I have a bit of a mixture of long, diamond and oval lol :) The ideal face shape is oval apparently, so women tend to try and create an oval shape with contouring etc. Well, you can do it with your eyebrow shape as well !

So, first of all, decide what facial shape you have and what kind of eyebrows might work best with you :) 

Next Step:
Get a tweezers and hold it vertically, with the open end against your nostril, so that the top of the tweezers is lined up with the start of your eyebrow. Make a line, either imaginary, or with a pencil to mark the proper start of your eyebrow. Start to pluck and of the stray hairs that may be in the part between both of your brows (uni brow) 

Step 3:
Using the tweezers, once again place the open end by the nostril, but placing the top by the end of your brow, having the tweezers at an angle on your cheek. The outer side of the eyebrow is where you should pluck any stray hairs from. 

Step 4:
Starting just below the fullest part of your brow, use an eye pencil to draw a line along the bottom edge of your brow; it should be above any stray hairs and it should follow the natural shape of your brow's top line, which may be angled, slightly curved, or even straight. Pluck the strays below the line. Ultimately, your brows should be between a quarter inch and a half inch at their thickest.

Step 5:

Look straight into a mirror. The arch should peak above the outer rim of your iris and lie right on your brow bone.  Mark the point with your eye pencil, then remove a row of hairs along the bottom, from your inner brow point to the peak point. After the peak, shape the tail.

What do I do when I am doing my eyebrows as part of my makeup routine?
Well, I start off by getting an angled eyebrow or eyeliner brush and because I have dark brown/black hair I will use a dark brown pencil and do a very fine line underneath the brow and another at about 1cm from the top of the brow. I will blend it in to the hairs, then get a darker shadow and using my brush, do very thin lines through the brow, like small hairs, using the darkest shadow in the middle part to make it look thicker. I will use a spoolie brush to fill out the whole brow and keep the hair in place. 

If it is a dramatic look, I will use my trusty while liner or highlighting powder and pat down a small amount underneath the arch of my brows.

Et Voila! 
Beautiful HD eyebrows :D 

Hope I gave you some helpful tips !!
Thanks for reading :) 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Best Beauty Products of 2014 !!

So we're on our last few weeks of 2014...and what a year it was too! I feel like it is time for me to do a list of some of my favourite beauty products of the year :) Everything and anything will be included!! :)

So Number uno has to be the Naked 3 palette, I cannot say enough about this :) I am still discovering different looks to use with this, mixing this shade and that etc and I love it every time :) 

Number two is the Soap and Glory Kick ass Concealer, again I cannot fault this :) It comes with three steps, a yellow based concealer, a pink based concealer and a powder with puff :) I loved this stuff! If this came in a foundation I would have about 40 stores in my makeup kit. I wore it for my eyes, spots, blemishes, even just for touch ups on my foundation! Amazing and definitely worth the price :)
Max Factor Pan Stick Foundation. 
Ok I know you're thinking, caky, 13 year old foundation with orange lines around the neck. Well I don't actually use it for my whole face but I use it for contour :) My cheeks, Forehead and chin :) I just find it the best as it is in stick form, obviously easy to apply and blends so so well :) 
 The most affordable product is from amazon, a jazooli Contour palette. Now this product could not be compared to Smashbox palettes or Crown but if you're on a budget and you want to do something different, I suggest this ;) I think it was only something like 5 or 6€ on amazon! It has about 15 colours and is just perfect for dramatic contouring either for a night out or day wear :) 
Ultimate Blends Shampoo 
No matter which bottle you get in this brand, I highly recommend all of them! I have tried out most of them so far and I love them, more than Aussie and Herbal Essences :) I will definitely be the cause of this brand being sold out! :)

Nivea 'Soft' Cold creme moisturizer
I bought a 200 ml tub of this during the summer and I still have at least half a tub! I bought it wisely knowing my skin was going to be terribly dry during the winter months :) I use about a 2€ size amount and spread it all over my face(after exfoliation of course) and this does me perfectly. Ready to face the cold winter days :) 
Lush Sugar Scrub
So, speaking of exfoliators, I have yet to come across one as good as this! I used it after a night out of wearing fairly heavy makeup and my skin was red and tingly afterwards. Of course I thought "Crap I'm after pealing off about two layers of skin!" But it was fine, didn't sting, just a slightly tingling sensation for a minute and then I applied moisturizer. My skin was lacking of spots, blemishes etc for a long time afterwards and I highly recommend this! As a person with dry, sensitive skin this was a god send :)
These are the highest on my list :) Unfortunately I also have to include some products that were so poor I just threw them straight in the bin! One of these is an Original Source shower gel in Raspberry and Cocoa. The name of this jumped out at me. I have always been a massive fan of Original Source shower gels and I thought wow, raspberries and Cocoa, yummy! I tried it out straight away when I got home, eager to be smelling of some exotic dessert! But I was so dissapointed... Have you ever tried the cheap shower creams from Penneys/Primark range Ps. I love? There was a mango or a chocolate one. While the mango one was delicious, the chocolate one was like a cheap fake cocoa scent that made you feel sick using it!  Well this was similar...Maybe it is just me and I can't stand the cheap cocoa smelling products, I don't know. But while using this I had to wash it off and use another I had. Very disappointing. 

Anyway they are my top favourite beauty products of the year, simple and sweet, a bit like myself ;)
Hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment your favorites underneath :) 
Thank you for reading :) 


Monday, 8 December 2014

"We Were on a break!!!"

Hi guys, so again I'm back with a rather odd one :) I have been talking to a lot of people recently about this and seen or heard a lot of people asking about it :) I have decided I am going to write my opinion on it and hopefully give advice to those caught in an emotional roller coaster because of it :) 

So, what is the term 'to take a break' about, in a relationship? Is it like a holiday, or vacation from them? Do you see other people? How long does it last? etc. ( All I think of is Ross from Friends :p) 

To be honest I can't exactly answer all of that for you, because it depends on the person you are with. All I can say is, as soon as your partner says these words to you, you run, and keep running!!

Based on conversations with people I have discovered that the person who says this is just looking for a cowardly way to tell you that they want to see other people for a while and then snap their fingers at you when they want you back. It is such an Americanized term for ending or 'pausing' a relationship. They will use terms like 'It's not you, it's me'...'I just want to focus on my studies' or 'I need to discover myself' or some crap like that. I personally think that people need to grow a pair and say what they really mean. We're not in some American High school drama!

If two people are in a long, committed relationship, it may be because of stress or issues with marriage or whatever. Sometimes the person can need a break from the other person, just to breathe for a while. After all, absence makes the heart grow stronger. But still, maybe go for a long walk or shopping or whatever hobby it is you do. If you need longer, maybe you need to reconsider this relationship, why make both of you miserable and stressed? 

When it is a relationship that has only been going on for a few weeks and one says to the other "I think we need a break!" It's basically a cowards way for saying 'sorry, I'm not really sure if I still like you' and they want to see other people without having to do the awkward breaking up. This way they can say maybe you could get back together sometime and they won't feel as bad about it as they would a break up.They may even suggest being friends with benefits if they can't get anything off anyone else. Playing you like a puppet on a string. I knew a story, where the person wanted a break, but wanted to get back with the other person,when they were older and settle down. I was thinking..."What??" Basically she wanted to keep him on hold and wait for her...?? I laugh at people that think this way, either you want someone or not. Sin è/Simple as :) If you are in this situation, get away from it as fast as possible. I guarantee as soon as you do and meet someone that is worth your time, that other person will appear straight away again trying to cause hassle :) 

I see these issues every now and then on problem pages or 'Dear Deirdre' or wherever and I feel so sorry for the person, because you think you are in this great relationship and someone says the 'b' word as soon as things get a bit rocky. It can be so upsetting and you will feel so insecure and worthless, but just remind yourself it is THEIR loss. not yours! More than likely it's just what they think is a polite way of dumping you. You will move on realize that maybe that sweet guy you sit beside in the lab everyday or that pretty girl behind the till is someone that will accept you and treat you for who you are :) And if you are someone considering taking a break, for your own sake and theirs, just end it. 

Hope this helps :) 

Feel free to comment and share your opinions :) 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Primark/Penneys Haul for Berlin!

So Last night I decided to use some of the money I had saved up for Berlin and buy some essentials for the holidays as well as my trip :D

I was trying to save money, but you know yourself, you pick up one of those carrier baskets in penneys/Primark and everything adds up!

So at least I had the comfort of the fact that they are (mostly) things I genuinely need! 

I went in with the intention of adding to the list of Leggings, as most ones I own make me look like I've been through a maze and could gladly be thrown out. I also needed the usual, lingerie, socks etc. I bought a really beautiful nightgown actually, red and white lace with flower detail for only 7€!! and it's just as nice as anything you could get in Ted Baker or Victoria's Secret :)
 I managed to pick up two pairs of black leggings, tights, some burgundy plush lined leggings for 7€!
socks, lingerie, a very woolly scarf and a black turtle neck top just to have underneath jumpers or tops :) In fairness it is supposed to be really cold there and I will need the warmer clothes for walking around the Christmas Markets with himself :) :) 

Some smaller items I picked up then were as follows:

Ps. Love your skin exfoliating facial Wipes. 
These are something I only came across yesterday, as usually I get the pink packet for sensitive skin. They were 1.50€ per packet and I tried one out yesterday evening when I came home from town. They have small exfoliating beads built into each wipe and for this reason alone, I love them!! I use a lot of  powdered as well as liquid products in my daily routine and with the sensitive wipes I noticed I would need two or three wipes to completely remove everything. But this was just two or three swipes over the face and bang, the dirt was gone! If, however, you don't like a perfumed wipe then I suggest you stay away from these, they are heavily scented, but it's a refreshing scent that wakes you up :) Definitely recommend! 

Of course I had to get deodorant :)  I got a two pack of the Nivea Pearl Beauty deodorant for 3.29€ I keep going back to these, they are just so affordable and smell so nice. Can't fault these :)

Simply Venus 2 Disposable razors, again, something I needed. They are a pack of four and I team these with the Tesco satin feel shaving gel or the Gillette and Olay combination  :) Perfect smooth legs!

Rimmel Wake me Up foundation
My Foundation stash had been running a little low so I had to but this as it was recommended to me by a lovely woman stocking the shelves in Penneys in Galway :) I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to do a review!! :) 
Essence I love extreme mascara 
I am actually a massive fan of Essence and Catrice Mascara's and since my last few had run out, I had to pick this little beauty up :) It has quite a long thin wand, not so thick as the brands other mascara's but it separates and thickens the lashes to give them a full look. At only 2-3€ why would you not buy it?
Wet n' Wild Coloricon eye liner in white :) This eyeliner is about twice the length of this! I think that was one of the main reasons I bought it! I said in a recent review of white eyeliner what I use it for and because Ii use so much of it my catrice one sadly is nearly gone. So at least with one that is at least the length of a ruler I should have it for a while :D
This I had to buy because it was half price and I just love the style of this! It is a kind of Egyptian coin statement piece and has a netted material behind the coins to avoid irritation on the skin :) Can't wait to wear this! :) 
9 pack of studded earrings :) 
I absolutely love these! I haven't worn earrings in SO long so I decided to treat myself to these :) They are very elegant, not too cheap and can just brighten up any outfit or look, I especially love the roses :) 
To Pair with the jewellery I also got some rings, a pack of six for 2.50€ a pack of three for 50cent!!!!!!(Bargain) and some pretty bracelets for 3€ 

 The two best items I have to say were the plush leggings in Burgundy that I got for 7€! These are lined inside the whole way down with plush fur, they are so comfy and can be bought in black also! 

And the other item is a Burgundy wool scarf for 4€!! I had it in a mustard yellow colour and it was so so warm and could be worn with anything, but sadly I left it in Dublin Airport :( I bought a burgundy one to replace it and I'm very happy with this purchase! 

That is mostly what I got ! It has left me empty of wallet but hopefully I won't have to complain about the cold for the coming weeks and trip to Berlin :D 
Radisson Blu Berlin

This is where we're staying for our anniversary...ain't I a lucky woman?? :D

Thanks for reading, as ever :)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rimmel's Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in 01

I'm back with something short and sweet :)

So I was browsing my lipstick collection earlier and I found one that I haven't worn in quite a while, my old reliable Kate Moss Lipstick in 01 :) 

This lipstick is one that I have gone back to quite a number of times, simply because of the rich red colour that it gives you. It has a blue undertone, which is perfect if you are sensitive about your teeth as the undertones will give the appearance of beautiful white teeth! 

I normally rarely wear lipstick as I want to draw attention to my eyes more than my mouth, simply because I am told I have lovely eyes. But if you want to draw the attention there, this is perfect for you :) 

Remember red is the colour for passion, so if you're looking to get a kiss off someone special under the mistletoe, I suggest going to your local boots or pharmacy and pick one up before that Christmas party ;) 

Wearing the lipstick on two separate occasions :)

Hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What does Christmas mean to you?

Hello again everyone :)
Reading this you may all be wondering am I going crazy writing so many of these blogs compared to what I used to :) Well, someday I hope to make a career out of this or something similar, so I'm going to keep doing it, good practice ;)

I came across the heading of this blog on a list of blog ideas on Pinterest (my new obsession!)
and thought it was a lovely idea :) 
You might think I'm going to write something like a Leaving Cert essay but no, I'll try to keep it simple as I always do. Because we are finally in December I am going to be doing plenty of Christmas related blogs :) I hope you enjoy!X 

So what does Christmas actually mean to me? 
I can remember being really small, getting up at the crack of dawn to head to Galway, the seven of us in  the car, to get the Christmas food shopping done. We would let mam and dad go around the shops, more than likely with my older sister, as she was the one who could remind them what to get. God Forbid they should forget anything, especially the bars of Toblerone! We would wander off and get the rest of our Christmas presents, should we have forgotten them on our annual trip to Limerick (another family tradition) We would come home and unpack, load the fridge with food and do whatever needed to be done before mass :)
I can remember coming home from Christmas Eve mass, running inside to change in to my pj's, watching the news and seeing Santa in the north pole head off. Sitting in front of the TV, with a can of coke and a packet of cheese and onion tayto's in my hand, I was so excited!
We would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and come down to see our presents all stacked up with our names on them and eagerly wait until mam and dad got up so we could show them what we got. We'd spend Christmas day playing with them and after head to our Grandparents houses to see the massive family that we have :)

Unfortunately Christmas means something way different when you grow up, when Santa stops calling at Christmas, except to my little sister. I used to get so excited thinking about what doll I would get, would I finally get Ken or that doll house or makeup set? That along with the kids disco at school would be the most exciting thing about Christmas for me, of course the never ending sweets and biscuits too!

So what does it mean for me now?
The most exciting thing about Christmas for me now, isn't the Dinner (although Alice makes a fairly unreal turkey) or the little gifts we exchange, or the thought of seeing Santa.
It's actually the fact that for a few days my whole family are together in our house. Just messing around, laughing at gifts, or dvd's we got as presents, eating crap food and having endless cups of tea. We even have the Christmas crackers and wear the crepe hats! It's the best thing about Christmas, and because we're all nearly grown up we won't have many left with our parents. I'm not saying we won't ever see them at christmas but we'll have our own families to get excited with. This is something that should be cherished when we're young but of course we're too busy thinking about the PS4 game or Xbox to think about who is around us.  
Of course you also get to see the many friends that have been working or in college and go out and catch up. Maybe do the twelve pubs or go out for Stephen's day. You can celebrate another year with your partner or your first Christmas together. I know myself personally I can't wait to celebrate my 3rd Christmas with my boyfriend and hopefully it will be the 3rd of many to come :) 
Christmas nowadays, to me, is more about seeing people I love or that I haven't in ages and thinking about those we have lost that were there the year or so before. 

So what does Christmas mean to you? 

Just remember to think about your family this year, because after all it's not what is under the tree that counts, it is those sitting around it with you :) 

Hope you enjoy :) :)

The Shampoo Holy Grail!

Hello again, so, I realise that only a few weeks ago I uploaded a post on the Ultimate Blends Shampoo and spoke about how much I adore them. 


I bought a new one that I hadn't tried yet and it is the peach/pink colored bottle, 'The Silky Smoother'

I have finally found the holy grail of shampoo's :O

Now I always thought, Aussie or Mane and Tail were the greatest gift, but at 8€ a bottle, where would you be going? 

I got these in Tesco for half price for the bigger bottle and I am actually sad that they are nearly empty :( You will just hear reports on the news one of these days about a crazy woman filling a shopping trolly with half price shampoos and conditioners! Or fighting a woman for the last bottle!

I rinsed my hair out twice using this amazing potion and my hair was unbelievably soft and sleek afterwards. I was shocked! I also noticed it has made my hair grow a little bit longer? Ever since I've used it my hair has become healthier and shiny and I don't have to tear out strands when I brush it! It literally feels like you've just left the hairdressers after using this. You know that bouncy, shiny and great smelling hair? You can have it just by using this bottle. Because my hair was in dire straits, I am so thankful to this brand for repairing it as let's face it, we can't all afford the hairdressers :/

I have split ends, probably the length of my hair, but with this shampoo I notice it has made the ends feel so smooth you wouldn't notice :)

The hurrrrr <3
I cannot recommend it enough :) 

Hope you all enjoyed :D 

Thanks, as ever, for reading,


Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lifestyle Post: Number 5031 (jokes!) What makes me happy tag :)

So, this time I'm going to do a very random Tag that is doing the rounds on Facebook and I thought why not do a blog :D As I am trying to be more positive lately, this is one step I take to help that :) There is no point obsessing over the financial worries, the future, that skirt that makes you look big you just bought, or that eejit that talks about you behind your back! (let's face it your life is obviously so much better than theirs! :p) 

If you are being bullied, criticized or bitched about, especially, then do this :) Maybe not a blog, but a scrapbook or photo album and just keep it by your side to look at when they get you down. Because let's face it you obviously have a life they want...and as a wise friend of mine told me, we have to be thankful for our fans, even the crazy ones! ;) 

So what I am going to do is pick out a load of photo's that make me really happy and smile when I look at them :) Because that is exactly what will pick you up from whatever is making you feel down :) Life is way too short to be worrying about that skirt, the few euro's you have left until pay day or that wagon that is annoying you! You only live one life, so live it well :)

Below are my choice of pictures that make me really happy :) What are yours??



And that's only some :D

Hope you enjoyed :)